Who We Are

Getting an oil change at Full Circle Auto Repair & Training Center can help change lives!

Full Circle Auto Repair & Training Center is a subsidiary of Vehicles for Change (VFC), a nonprofit organization that empowers families with financial challenges to achieve economic and personal independence. When you bring your vehicle to Full Circle for service, you're guaranteed top-notch customer service at an affordable cost. From oil changes to brake pads, our trained auto technicians will get your car in tip-top shape and help you preserve one of your largest investments: your vehicle!

Added bonuses? When you support Full Circle, you also allow Vehicles for Change to award much-needed vehicles to low-income families for as little as $950. You're also providing formerly incarcerated men and women a second chance at life as we teach them how to become skilled auto mechanics through our training program. For more information about Vehicles for Change, click HERE

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